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All delivery costs are included at the time of purchase and have been agreed with the society/club organisers before launching. In certain cases, delivery to a central person or location may have been agreed to reduce costs to the end purchaser. In most cases these will be sent out via Next Day delivery once the product has been printed.


PeCo uses local, Wiltshire based production solution wherever possible. Some products may lend themselves to being produced further afield, but all garment decoration is produced within the local area. We take pride in supporting local businesses, both with their requests for our services but also with the assistance we at PeCo require to satisfy our clients request.

Most orders are fully fulfilled with 10-12 working days (Mon-Fri) and PeCo will inform customers where they may be a delay in fulfilling orders due to product shortages etc. Whilst we appreciate that delays are disappointing for any client, we ask that you bear with us whilst we try to rectify any issues or delays that may occur when purchasing products from PeCo.


PeCo will quality check all products before distributing to customers to ensure that our exacting standards are fully met. There may be a rare occasion when a garment/product slips through this net and we ask that you contact us immediately with any issues relating to sub standard quality on any of our products. We will then attempt to rectify this issue, generally with a replacement product.

As the personalised nature of some of our garments does not allow for the reuse, replacements are generally the alternative option. In some cases, an agreed reduction in cost may be offered to the customer where appropriate.

Should you still feel unsatisfied with the quality of the replacement, PeCo will offer a full refund upon agreement with the customer via email. All refunds will be processed within 5-7 working days onto the original payment method used to order.

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